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“Any facility that has pipes and equipment carrying water, chemicals, or oil is a potential customer; any operator of motor vehicles, heavy equipment or marine vessels is a potential customer. In short, just about every facility is a prospect and potential customer for ENECON’s fluid flow systems performance enhancement products and services. The business opportunities are simply incredible!”

- Edward Krensel, Chairman & C.E.O.

Fifteen of the most frequently asked questions by prospective ENECON Dealers

1. Is the ENECON Dealership business opportunity a franchise?

No. This is a truly unique business opportunity to build your own distribution company in a protected geographic territory. There are no franchise fees, no royalties, no co-op advertising fees, etc. Dealers purchase ENECON products at a set discount and re-sell these materials at prices they establish in their respective exclusive territories.

2. What is the typical initial investment required and what does it cover?

A Dealer is typically required to invest between $50,000 – $100,000 to acquire a Dealership — depending on the size of the territory. The average initial investment in the U.S. for Dealers is about $75,000 for initial inventory.

As an example, a $75,000 Dealer territory is comprised of a protected geographic region which contains about 2 – 5 million people with a commercial, industrial and institutional client base which is adequate to support that population. This covers the INITIAL INVENTORY plus start-up sales equipment, videos, literature, etc. … plus initial product and sales training as well as on-going technical support, both via telephone/email and in the field.

Initial training includes a week at our International Technical Center on Long Island, New York, followed by in-field sales and technical support in the Dealer’s territory. Transportation and hotel charges during training week are the Dealer’s responsibility.

3. Can a Dealer acquire additional territory?

Yes. Dealers are always afforded the opportunity to acquire additional Dealership territories providing that they can demonstrate that they have the business experience, the sales & marketing savvy and the financial resources to develop a larger area. Some of our Dealers have acquired multiple states!

4. What type of office and warehousing space is required?

Many of our Dealers initially establish offices in their homes. About 250 – 350 square feet is usually adequate for an office in the beginning, while 500 – 750 square feet of warehouse space would be very comfortable for storing and shipping products at the outset.

5. What experience should a Dealer have?

This business requires maturity, a sound business background, excellent marketing and sales skills, plus very strong communication skills.

6. Do you need experience in engineering or fluid flow systems?

No. Some of our best Dealers had no technical backgrounds at all when they joined us. We will teach you all you need to know about the technical aspects of this business.

7. Does ENECON provide on-going support?

Yes. As was stated earlier, all Dealers are required to attend a week-long Initial Training Seminar at our Long Island, New York, Technical Center. ENECON then provides on-going sales and technical support, both via email, phone and in the field.

8. Can a Dealer hire his or her own sales people to help them develop their territories?

Yes. A number of our Dealers — especially those who have acquired larger territories — have also hired sales representatives who help them sell ENECON products and services. These sales people typically work on a straight commission basis.

9. Would ENECON retain any “house accounts” in a Dealer’s area?

No. ENECON is prohibited by contract from selling in a Dealer’s territory.

10. Does ENECON offer financing for a new Dealer?

No. You are responsible for your own financing.

11. Is there an opportunity in this industry for repeat business?

Absolutely. In fact, Dealers typically can earn very substantial incomes from just a handful of accounts that provide them with steady repeat business.

12. Who is responsible for invoicing and collection?

Our Dealers set their own pricing, they do the invoicing and shipping (although ENECON will drop ship larger orders for them if they choose), and collect the receivables. Shipments are usually done via UPS.

13. Is there any limit to how big a Dealer can become or how much money the Dealer can make?

No. This business opportunity is virtually unlimited!

14. Can a Dealer sell his business if he or she chooses?

Yes. The bigger the Dealer becomes, the more the business is worth. Your Dealership may be sold just like any other business provided the buyer meets the same criteria required by ENECON that you did.

15. How do I begin the process of becoming an exclusive, authorized ENECON Dealer?

It usually starts with a personal visit to our factory and research center on Long Island, NY. We will be very pleased to schedule a V.I.P. tour of our research & development laboratories as well as our production facilities. You will also have the opportunity to meet us and ask as many questions as you like. We, of course, are also anxious to meet you and develop some insights into your personal and professional aspirations. Assuming there is a mutual desire to go forward, we will work out a comfortable time schedule for you to get into this extraordinarily exciting business and take full advantage of this truly unique opportunity.

We sincerely invite you to take the first step…please give us a call at 1-888-4ENECON (4363266)


“Since 2008, when we took on the distribution for Colombia, we have felt like part of a great family. We have received support from all of the ENECON family members as well as their interest and commitment to insure that our organization grows.

Our work since then has been constant and with much dedication to establish the ENECON brand in Colombia. During this period we have obtained great results working with different types of companies such as hospitals, food manufacturers and petrochemical plants, among others.

We now feel proud in showing the jobs we have done and the money we have saved our clients — even though when we started with ENECON we didn’t have any practical engineering background; we now feel able to transform any type of structure to make it look like new.”

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Hidroelectrica en Colombia soluciona sus problemas de corrosion acelerada con Chemclad XC en un ambiente con una concentracion de 10 a 114 partes for millon de H2S.

Importante empresa fabricante de productos para belleza y cuidado personal en Colombia reconstruye y protege sus equipos afectados pr corrosion con CeramAlloy CP+AC y CeramAlloy CL+AC

Área de Cárcamo corroída y filtraciones hacia el interior de la bodega.

Deterioro de losetas y concreto por ataque químico de productos de aseo

Corrosión puertas baños

Medias cañas sin asepsia y no resistes a los productos de limpieza

Alargue la vida útil de los equipos de circulación de fluidos, expuestos a cavitación con DuraTough DL

Juntas y concreto averiado por paso de montacargas.

Nivel freático en túnel de ventilación.

Filtraciones hacia el interior de la edificación.

Incrustación en caldera.

En el sistema de refrigeración de las inyectoras de plástico, se presentaban incrustaciones que tapaban las boquillas y bajaban el caudal de salida por lo que disminuía considerablemente la producción.

Área de contención cuarto de osmosis afectada por ataque químico de cloro.

Mala adherencia a la superficie (baldosa) y ataque químico de miel.

Alta temperatura al interior de la bodega, causando daño a los productos almacenados.

Varios elementos fabricados en acero al carbón sufren de un alto desgaste por efectos de la abrasión y corrosión de los lodos y partículas de arena que fluyen a altas velocidades a través del equipo.

Bomba de agua con fuga.

“ENECON Ontario is extremely proud to represent ENECON Corporation by serving customers in the province of Ontario (Canada) since 2009. As the owner of ENECON Ontario, I have the unique privilege of dealing with the ENECON Corp team at all levels. I’ve spent almost 20 years serving customers in heavy industry and worked for large multinational companies, public and private, in a variety of technical, sales and general management positions so it’s natural for me to make corporate comparisons. In every respect, ENECON Corp is a “class act”, from the superb treatment afforded to me and my team during “day-to-day” interactions to complicated technical discussions or higher level business strategy sessions, the focus is always on bringing value to the end user. In doing so, they treat everyone involved in this process as a treasured and valued customer, including all of us here at ENECON Ontario because they truly value their field force.

They “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” which makes it a privilege to be part of a corporate culture with superb ethics and success principles that have built something many of us affectionately refer to as the ENECON Family. ENECON Corp has allowed me to achieve my dream of business ownership while being able to serve customers with specialty products backed by a team who has never let me, my associates or my customers down, not even a little.”

“ENECON Chile has been happily representing ENECON Corporation, and its family of products, in Chile, since June of 2008. From the very beginning we felt as if we were a part of something special and part of a great family. The support that we have received from the very first day is second to none. I will never forget the first time I met Ed, Andy, Mike, and the entire ENECON team. Their enthusiasm, drive and encouragement was very evident. There is a lot to know when one gets started and we have never felt alone or without the needed support during this process. ENECON has been right there with us every step of the way.

The support, know how, and encouragement from headquarters is reconfirmed every time we have a question or inquiry regarding product or an application. We know, and feel, that ENECON is there for us, which is nothing minor, considering that ENECON USA supports over 63 distributors around the world!

ENECON is second to none and we are extremely proud to be a part of this incredible family!”

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Aplicación de Franjas Antideslizantes en Pasillo Peatonal de Cerámica, para Empresa de Fabricación de Estanques

Aplicación de Revestimiento Anti Abrasivo en Impulsor de Turbina Francis, para la Generación Eléctrica

Enecon Chile News – Eléctrica Santiago – Contención Hidrocarburos

Enecon Chile News – Soprole – Estanque Aguas Duras

Impermeabilizacion de Techo de Taller en Instalaciones Portuarias

Maquina de empresa alimenticia con mayor desgaste de pintura de fabrica debido a corrosión e impacto por uso diario.

Piletas de hormigón para la neutralización de aguas ácidas, dañadas por años de ataque químico agresivo, en planta de generación eléctrica.

Protección de área de contención secundaria sujeta a ataque químico, en planta de generación eléctrica.

Protección de área de contención secundaria sujeta a ataque químico, en una planta de tabacos.

Recuperación de Carcasa de Bomba de Agua de Enfriamiento de Condensador, en Planta de Generación Eléctrica.

Recuperación de Escotilla de Ingreso del Condensador de la Turbina a Vapor, en Planta de Generación Eléctrica.

Protección de codos que alimentan de minerales a la molienda, sufriendo de abrasión extrema, en la industria minera.

Protección de Rodetes contra Erosión, en Turbinas para Generación Eléctrica.

Puente metálico de uso ferroviario, expuesto a acentuada corrosión ambiental tras años sin protección.

Puente metálico de uso ferroviario, expuesto a acentuada corrosión ambiental tras años sin protección.

Recubrimiento Interior de Tapas de Succión y Descarga de Bomba de Vacío en la Industria de Combustibles y Lubricantes

Recubrimiento Piso Planta de Osmosis en Empresa de Generación Eléctrica

Recuperación de base de bomba de nitrógeno en planta de gases industriales con ENECRETE DuraQuartz.

Recuperación de ejes de molinos de bolas Marcy en la Industria Minera.

Recuperación del desgaste de ejes de molinos de bolas Marcy en la Industria Minera.

Recuperación del intercambiador de calor en la torre de enfriamiento de una Clínica Médica.

Recuperación y Protección de Álabes Directrices, Turbina Francis, para la Generación Eléctrica

Recuperación y Protección de Piso de Hormigón de Pasillo Peatonal, en Minería.

Recuperación y Protección de Piso de Hormigón Sujeto a Ataque Químico.

Recuperación y Protección de un Venturi de Lavado de Impurezas de Gases, en la Minería.

Recuperación y Protección de Piso de Pretiles en el Sistema Almacenaje de Ácido Sulfúrico, en la Industria de Alimentos.

Recuperación y Revestimiento de Piso de Sala de Desmineralización de Agua, en Planta de Generación Termoeléctrica

Reparación de Álabes y Revestimiento de Impulsor de Bomba de Vacío en la Industria de Combustibles y Lubricantes – 1

Reparación de Álabes y Revestimiento de Impulsor de Bomba de Vacío en la Industria de Combustibles y Lubricantes – 2

Reparación de Álabes y Revestimiento de Impulsor de Bomba de Vacío en la Industria de Combustibles y Lubricantes – 3

Reparación y Revestimiento Interno y Externo de una Bomba en Clínica Médica.

Revestimiento Anti Abrasivo en los Alabes Directriz de Turbina de Generación Eléctrica

Revestimiento de Moldes de Formacion de Envases de Industria de Alimentos

Revestimiento de Pretil de Descarga de Ácido Sulfúrico y Cámaras de Inspección en una Planta Termoeléctrica.

Revestimiento de Techo de un Gimnasio Municipal Polideportivo en la Ciudad de Rancagu.

Revestimiento e Impermeabilización de Techo con Filtraciones en Casa Particular.

Revestimiento Interior de Precipitadores Sujetos a Corrosión Química en Industria Minera

Revestimiento y Protección de Placas de Sacrificio de Acero Inoxidable Contra Abrasión Extrema en Planta Generadora Eléctrica

Revestimiento y Proteccion Rodetes de una Turbina Kaplan en Generacion Electrica.

Revestimiento y Protección de Pretil de Descarga de Acido Sulfúrico en la Generación Eléctrica.

“I joined the ENECON family almost 10 years ago as a distributor and since day one, it has been a wonderful adventure. When I first met the people at ENECON, I already felt welcomed because everyone made everything easy for me. I have never seen a closed door or people trying to avoid me, as a matter of fact, everyone was anxious to help me. For the last ten years, I grew my business and every time I needed help, I knew where to find it. One of the things I appreciate the most from ENECON is their marketing skills. Not only are they very active in developing new and exciting products, but they make sure they support those products as well as us, the front line people. A phone call or an e-mail will never be felt unanswered at ENECON, which is very uncommon these days, and for me that has big value. I use to call the people at ENECON my “work colleagues” but not anymore, today, I call them “my friends” and I’m glad to be a part of this worldwide and always growing family.”

“Through more than 15 years of experience with ENECON, I am been proud of the superiority and quality of the product line which is the key reason my clients continuously need ENECON products.

The public relations of ENECON are incredible. The worldwide and real time updates of products & applications bond the distributors in the world as one.

I am impressed by the truthful relationships of the ENECON Family in that we always encourage and help each other mutually. In this regard, I am absolutely proud and appreciative of being an ENECON Family member.”

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“Meeting ENECON and being ENECON´S distributor since 2010, not only changes the perspective of doing business, but also how to design a team because ENECON is a family that always provides communication, technical and commercial support with full transparency and kindness.

ENECON MEXICO seeks to go beyond covering areas of national interest. We have the commitment of protecting and repairing historical and political areas that benefit the local society as well as promoting economic growth and country development.

Our primary goal is embrace the entire Mexican country with ENECON brand. We trust in the quality and how excellent our products are, we believe in the brand and we want to revolutionize the industry and ecology with our slogan REPAIR, DON´T REPLACE.”

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Asamblea General CAINTRA 2011

Ceramalloy – ENECON® México completó exitosamente la reparación de este filtro de reciclaje de balatas.

Ceramalloy CL+AC resuelve los problemas de compañía minera en impulsores que son dañados constantemente.

Copper Mine Repair a Double Shaft Pump with Duralloy

Copper Smelter Plant Revived Heat Exchanger from a 5000HP Motor

Duralloy and CeramAlloy CL+AC – Aug. 2011

ENECON Chemclad XC, protección química sobresaliente

Evento – HJ Dec. 1 2010

Evento – Universidad Tecnologica Santa Catarina

Exitos – Indelpro Impulsor May 2011

Exitos – Pemex AEP-19 – Abr. 2011

Exitos – Pemex GA-704 – Abr. 2011

Exitos – Pemex Intercambiadores – May 2011

Importante empresa minera acude a ENECON Chihuahua para la reparacion del piso en su taller subrerraneo de maquinaria pesada.

Molybdenum Mining Plant Protects a Metallic Structure with ENESEAL CR

Noticia – CFE en Tuxpam, Veracruz elige a ENECON México para la reparación de evaporadora

Noticia – Empresa fabricadora de baterías de clase mundial elige ENECON México como su equipo de reparación de canaletas.

Noticia – Empresa Química elige a ENECON México como su equipo de reparación de bombas

Noticia – Empresa Química elige a ENECON México como su equipo de reparación de Impulsor

Noticia – Empresa en Monterrey Elige ENECON Mexico

Noticia – Evento ENECON – 15 Julio 2010

Noticia – Problemas por temperaturas extremas fueron resuletos por ENECON México

Noticia – Secretaría de Marina elige a ENECON México para la reparación de flecha de buque

Noticia – Secretaría de Marina elige ENECON México para reparación de MonoBlock V12

Noticia – Tapa de Carter es reparada por ENECON México.

Pets Operating Room Floor Protected with ENECLAD FPS

Planta – Electrica Sist Incendios – Mar. 2011

Power Generation Plant Protect a Reductor and Plate from a Cooling Tower

Pesquería se hará sustentable

Recubrimiento de la red de tubería de Calderas con ENESEAL CR

Reparacion de tuberia de concreto con WP y Duraquartz

Reunión Nacional de Mineros ENECON Mexico 2013

Será el Municipio de Pesquería modelo de Movilidad Sustentable

Será Pesquería modelo de Movilidad Sustentable

Sugieren polimeros para restauracion de puente del Papa

“Ten years ago I believed in ENECON and in the people that made it. They have grown together with us Distributors around the world, but ENECON is also this: a family business, a professional challenge and a future for new generation.”

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“The most beautiful part of ENECON business is only using SIMPLE TOOLS even to do BIG BUSINESS and the wide range of products can cater to different kinds of industries from small to big accounts.

Thanks to ENECON for giving our company diversified business from conventional trading business to projects and repair business.”

“We signed our contract for exclusive distributorship here in major parts of Germany with ENECON in Sept. 2005. After completing major preparations for marketing and sales tools, we basically started our market approach in early 2006. Now, some 5 years later, we are proud to report, that we could establish ourselves as major partner for industrial and commercial clients in the field of repair, protection and enhancement of machinery, equipment and civil construction.

Even though we attended in 2005 an initial educational seminar at ENECON`s headquarters, we obvious needed substantial support for many technical and application issues in the course of the project opportunities that we were focusing. We are very glad to report, that whenever we needed any of this support, the ENECON specialists responded to our requests and queries without delay and substantial information and recommendation. All and any contacts with the ENECON headquarters were dealt in very warm, friendly and professional atmosphere.

As we completed numerous project in the recent years, summing up to our Reference List with presently some 300 applications, we can confirm, that the quality of the ENECON products confirm to the highest industrial standards. Today, after many critical applications, we are confident, that some major ENECON products provide even unrivalled quality and physical / chemical properties.

Looking back to our 5-years history with ENECON and in the German market, we can confirm, that we have no reason to regret our decision signing the mentioned distributorship contract with the ENECON Corp.”

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“From the beginning our company has had the vision to provide our customers the highest quality solutions and at the best price. We were blessed to join the ENECON family in 2009. These products have allowed us success national market of Venezuela in which we have solved many issues with less down time than a conventional repair and with higher quality. Being ENECON distributors for Venezuela wasn’t by chance, but it was a chance from God. We will continue ahead repairing without the need of replacing all over Venezuela.”

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Club Privado Corrosión en flanje de bombas Chemclad SC-1

Desbalanceo en Bandeja Vibratoria de Filtrado de Cabada

El mejor sistema de reparacion y proteccion de concreto desponible

FILTRO ANIONICO en planta de tratamiento de agua en importante empresa cervecera de Venezuela presentaba recubrimiento interno desprendido en diferentes áreas, con partes del metal corroído, se protegió con productos ENECON.

Problema: Caída Frecuente Del Personal Por Piso Muy Resbaladizo En El Área De Cocina

Problema: Corrosion En Los Ejes De Las Lavadoras De Botellas

Problema: Corrosion por Accion Eolica y Mecanica

Problema: Corrosion por el Paso de Agua Salada y Vida Marina en Tanques de Filtrado de los Sistemas de Enfriamiento

Problema: Daños Estructurales Por El Efecto De Corrosión Y Agentes Bioquímicos En Cajas De Agua De Condensados Debido A Que El Cliente Utiliza Agua De Mar Para Estos Sistemas De Enfriamiento.

Problema: Daños Por Corrosión En Brida De Bomba Centrifuga

Problema: Daños Por Corrosión En Carcasa Y Tapa De Bomba Sihi.

Problema: Desgaste Causado Por Fricción Entre Dos Materiales, El Eje De Acero Inoxidable y El Asiento De Bronce.

Problema: Desgaste Corrosivo En Decantadora Centrifuga De Lodo Utilizada En La Planta De Tratamiento De Aguas Residuales

Problema: Desgaste en Bases de las Bombas del Sistema Contra Incendio por Alta Corrosion y Ataque Quimico

Problema: Desgaste Por Ataque Quimico En Sus Ductos De Enfriamiento De Gas

Problema: Falla de Hidroneumatico

Problema: Filtraciones De Agua En Las Cúpulas Centrales De La Edificación

Problema: Filtraciones En Las Uniones De Los Vidrios De Sus Cupulas

Problema: Filtraciones Entre La Union De Dos Placas De Concreto

Problema: Filtraciones Por Falta De Impermeabilizacion

Problema: Fuga En Tuberia De Agua De Servicio

Problema: Grandes Problemas De Corrosion En Los Condensadores

Problema: Graves Daños De Corrosion Por Ataque Quimico En Las Llenadoras De Botellas

Problema: Grietas provocadas por filtraciones

Problema: Perdida De Espesor En Brida De Bomba Centrifuga Por Corrosión

Problema: Perdida De Espesor En Eje De Bomba De Manejo Salmuera En El Área De Asiento De Rodamiento

Problema: Tapon De Equipo Destrozado Por Fatiga Del Material

Proteccion contra ataque quimico en Paredes y Pisos Importante Empresa de Productos Lacteos

Refinería en las Antillas Holandesas Corrosión en tanques de acido sulfúricoEneclad FPS Chemclad XC

Reparacion de fugas en tuberia SpeedAlloy

Reparacion de tanque Chemclad

Reparacion del Eje de una Bomba de la Industria Petrolera

Reparacion de Parque en zona Residencial

Reparaciones de Eje de Bomba en una de las Areas de la Industria Petrolera

Reparacion de pisos en Oficina Bancaria

Reparaciones de Pisos Para una Entidad Finacienra de Reconocida Trayercroria en el Pais

Resistencia a la erosión/corrosión sobresaliente




Una Embarcación de transporte de la Armada nacional tenia grandes problemas de corrosión en sus pisos, debido al ambiente marino. Los Ingenieros de Sudica/Enecon seleccionaron el producto Chemclad SC.

“We joined the ENECON Family in 2012. It was an incredibly positive experience. The main reason that we decided to be a part of this great Family was without a doubt the human and professional quality of the entire home office Team, plus the confidence of counting on the support of each of the other distributors around the world. This allows us to provide our customers long term solutions that they could not even consider with conventional methods. ENECON is a challenge that is worth taking!”

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“ENECON Russia joined the ENECON Family in 2010. Today, after the successful completion of many projects, we and our customers alike are convinced that there is no problem the ENECON products cannot solve. We are able to ensure the highest quality and durability of the repaired components and plant structures.”


“We assumed the distribution of ENECON products in Brazil in late 2011, and since then, we have become part of a big family. ENECON provides us with great technical and commercial support, with a clear interest and commitment to insure our local growth as well as the growth of the ENECON brand worldwide. We took on this project with all the resources we had available and we have not restrained our efforts, focusing on opening markets and establishing the ENECON brand in Brazil –, offering the most varied industrial maintenance solutions for Chemical, Petrochemical, Mining, Marine, Food & Beverage, Energy, Sanitation, as well as many other industries. We are pleased and proud to be part of this great international family whose main objective is to insure our customers save resources and energy in the maintenance processes, thus extending the life of equipment and industrial facilities.”

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“Repair – Don’t Replace…These words are a dream to any person or company especially these days. This was the beginning of my interest in ENECON, when I started as a distributor in 2010. I never thought that I would be a part of a family with such a distinct vision and that I would learn so much. We have many different types of types of applications in many different industries and marketplaces. ENECON Guatemala is now recognized in the marketplace as a problem solver.”


“I have worked for many years with polymers, which I always considered to be fascinating products with a marketplace full of opportunities; nevertheless life gave me the opportunity to find a much better product than I had been previously using. I was gladly surprised and grateful. This new polymer of advanced technology is called ENECON and I am very pleased to be a part of the ENECON Family.”