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Concrete Footer Repair

One of the challenges building and facility managers face on an almost daily basis is how to keep the key components of their aging facilities operating economically. Often replacing a component isn’t possible due to the way the building is constructed around the part in question. Also, often the timeframe to get a new one isn’t practical. Even when a new component is available, ... Read More...

Engineers so delighted with results of a project that they are already thinking of other opportunities to use the same material

Plant engineers at a nuclear power plant were so delighted with the repair of a serious concrete deterioration problem that they immediately started thinking of other uses for the material. They found that conventional patching materials were not performing well enough but ENCRETE DuraQuartz met all the needs, including severe weather conditions. The expert technical support during the ... Read More...

When a sticky solution is a good thing: finding the right adhesion to adhere new concrete to an existing concrete roof

Engineers at a nuclear facility had an interesting challenge. They wanted to adhere a new concrete roof on top of an existing concrete roof. Our technical specialists were called in to come up with an appropriate solution that would have enough adhesion. The solution included removing the top layer of insulation, preparing the concrete, and spraying ENECLAD SuperBond to an area that totaled ... Read More...

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