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Around the globe, there is a certain trust of U.S. made products and what the end user can expect. ENECON is a recognized leader in the United States, as well as in over 65 countries, in the multi-billion dollar repair and maintenance industry. Our high-tech products help maintenance professionals in almost every industry solve a host of fluid flow systems problems as well as plant life extension issues. Our products are made in the U.S. from raw materials sourced from U.S. based companies.

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“Any facility that has pipes and equipment carrying water, chemicals, or oil is a potential customer; any operator of motor vehicles, heavy equipment or marine vessels is a potential customer. In short, just about every facility is a prospect and potential customer for ENECON’s fluid flow systems performance enhancement products and services. The business opportunities are simply incredible!”

- Edward Krensel, Chairman & C.E.O.

15 of the most frequently asked questions
by prospective ENECON Distributors

No. This is a truly unique business opportunity to build your own distribution company in a protected geographic territory. There are no franchise fees, no royalties, no co-op advertising fees, etc. Distributors purchase ENECON products at a set discount and re-sell these materials at prices they establish in their respective exclusive territories.

A Distributor is typically required to invest between $85,000 – $100,000 to acquire a Distributorship — depending on the size of the territory.

As an example, a $85,000 Distributor territory is comprised of a protected geographic region which contains about 2 – 5 million people with a commercial, industrial and institutional client base which is adequate to support that population. This covers the INITIAL INVENTORY plus start-up sales equipment, videos, literature, etc. … plus initial product and sales training as well as on-going technical support, both via telephone/email and in the field.

Initial training includes a week at our International Technical Center on Long Island, New York, followed by in-field sales and technical support in the Distributor’s territory. Transportation and hotel charges during training week are the Distributor’s responsibility.

Yes. Distributors are always afforded the opportunity to acquire additional Distributorship territories providing that they can demonstrate that they have the business experience, the sales & marketing savvy and the financial resources to develop a larger area. Some of our domestic Distributors have acquired multiple states and some of our international distributors have added additional countries.
Many of our Distributors initially establish offices in their homes. About 250 – 350 square feet is usually adequate for an office in the beginning, while 500 – 750 square feet of warehouse space would be very comfortable for storing and shipping products at the outset.
This business requires financial stability, a sound business background, excellent marketing and sales skills, plus very strong communication skills.
No. Some of our best Distributors had no technical backgrounds at all when they joined us. We will teach you all you need to know about the technical aspects of this business and will continue to support your growth during the months and years to come.
Yes. As was stated earlier, all Distributors are required to attend a week-long Initial Training Seminar at our Long Island, New York, Technical Center. ENECON then provides on-going sales and technical support, both via email, phone and in the field.
Yes. Hiring sales representatives to help them sell ENECON products and services is the key to success in growing a thriving ENECON Distributorship. Recruiting is a vital aspect of the ENECON philosophy. Often sales people work on a straight-commission basis.
No. ENECON is prohibited by contract from selling in a Distributor’s territory.
No. You are responsible for your own financing.
Absolutely. In fact, Distributors can earn very substantial incomes from just a handful of accounts that provide them with steady repeat business. We recommend approaching the various industries, buildings and structures throughout your territory.
Our Distributors set their own pricing, they do the invoicing and shipping (although ENECON will drop ship larger orders for them if they choose), and collect the receivables. Shipments are usually done via UPS.
No. This business opportunity is virtually unlimited! This is why recruiting is so important. The more feet you have on the ground, the bigger your organization will grow.
Yes. The bigger the Distributor becomes, the more the business is worth. Your Distributorship may be sold just like any other business provided the buyer meets the same criteria required by ENECON that you did.
It usually starts with a personal visit to our headquarters on Long Island, NY. We will be very pleased to schedule a tour of our research & development laboratories as well as our production facilities. You will also have the opportunity to meet us and ask as many questions as you like. We, of course, are also interested to meet you and develop some insights into your personal and professional aspirations. Assuming there is a mutual desire to go forward, we will take the necessary steps to start the process of getting you into this extraordinary and exciting business so you can take full advantage of this truly unique opportunity.

There is an initial inventory investment required depending on the size and commercial potential of the territory in question. This investment is strictly for inventory that a distributor will resell in his/her territory. ENECON does not charge any franchise fees or royalties of any kind. All ENECON products are made in the U.S.A.

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Andreas Kyriakides

ENECON Distributor for Greece and Cyprus since 2012

When back in 2011 I found out that ENECON was looking for a representation in Cyprus, I made my research and it did not take me much time to realize that I related to their philosophy…PRODUCTS, SERVICE, VISION.

Without hesitation I began my journey of running my own business, being my own boss, but at the same time being supported and surrounded by industry professionals. This journey was not an easy one, but I remained focused and following ENECON’s guidelines and advice, I saw my earnings and clientele list grow significantly. Today I am proudly representing this prestigious organization for both Cyprus and Greece and only look in the past years to learn from my mistakes.

ENECON will train you, will challenge you and will always be there for support but you first have to believe in the products and the only way to do this is to go out there and start applying them. No matter where you live, with over 30 high performance polymers and with each one of them able to support numerous applications, an ENECON distributor can generate a sale in just about any industry in any part of the world. Like all distributors around the globe, I am glad to see that ENECON’s research and development is a continuous process and this keeps us alert and optimistic that ENECON is always growing, helping us to grow with them.

As founder and owner of ENECON Mesogios Ltd since 2012, I am a strong believer of ENECON’s philosophy and I am constantly aiming to relate this to clients in Cyprus and Greece. REPAIR – DON’T REPLACE, three words that played a significant role in my decision to invest money and time in order to set up this business from nothing and now proudly claim of servicing significant clients throughout the marine and industrial world of both Greece and Cyprus.”

Wes Amos

ENECON Distributor for Ontario Canada since 2009

ENECON Ontario is extremely proud to represent ENECON Corporation by serving customers in the province of Ontario (Canada) since 2009. As the owner of ENECON Ontario, I have the unique privilege of dealing with the ENECON Corp team at all levels. I’ve spent almost 20 years serving customers in heavy industry and worked for large multinational companies, public and private, in a variety of technical, sales and general management positions so it’s natural for me to make corporate comparisons. In every respect, ENECON Corp is a “class act”, from the superb treatment afforded to me and my team during “day-to-day” interactions to complicated technical discussions or higher level business strategy sessions, the focus is always on bringing value to the end user. In doing so, they treat everyone involved in this process as a treasured and valued customer, including all of us here at ENECON Ontario because they truly value their field force.

They “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” which makes it a privilege to be part of a corporate culture with superb ethics and success principles that have built something many of us affectionately refer to as the ENECON Family. ENECON Corp has allowed me to achieve my dream of business ownership while being able to serve customers with specialty products backed by a team who has never let me, my associates or my customers down, not even a little.”

Peter Ottke

ENECON Distributor for Chile since 2008 / ENECON Distributor for Northern California since 2013

ENECON Chile has been happily representing ENECON Corporation, and its family of products, in Chile, since June of 2008. From the very beginning we felt as if we were a part of something special and part of a great family. The support that we have received from the very first day is second to none. I will never forget the first time I met Ed, Andy, Mike, and the entire ENECON team. Their enthusiasm, drive and encouragement was very evident. There is a lot to know when one gets started and we have never felt alone or without the needed support during this process. ENECON has been right there with us every step of the way.

The support, know how, and encouragement from headquarters is reconfirmed every time we have a question or inquiry regarding product or an application. We know, and feel, that ENECON is there for us, which is nothing minor, considering that ENECON USA supports over 63 distributors around the world!

ENECON is second to none and we are extremely proud to be a part of this incredible family!"

Watch Peter Ottke in a video bio blog

CanadaMartin DeSerres

ENECON Distributor for Quebec Province, Canada Since 2001

I joined the ENECON family almost 10 years ago as a distributor and since day one, it has been a wonderful adventure. When I first met the people at ENECON, I already felt welcomed because everyone made everything easy for me. I have never seen a closed door or people trying to avoid me, as a matter of fact, everyone was anxious to help me. For the last ten years, I grew my business and every time I needed help, I knew where to find it. One of the things I appreciate the most from ENECON is their marketing skills. Not only are they very active in developing new and exciting products, but they make sure they support those products as well as us, the front line people. A phone call or an e-mail will never be felt unanswered at ENECON, which is very uncommon these days, and for me that has big value. I use to call the people at ENECON my “work colleagues” but not anymore, today, I call them “my friends” and I’m glad to be a part of this worldwide and always growing family.”

J.W. Kim

J.W. Kim

ENECON Distributor for Korea Since 1998

Through more than 15 years of experience with ENECON, I am been proud of the superiority and quality of the product line which is the key reason my clients continuously need ENECON products.

The public relations of ENECON are incredible. The worldwide and real time updates of products & applications bond the distributors in the world as one.

I am impressed by the truthful relationships of the ENECON Family in that we always encourage and help each other mutually. In this regard, I am absolutely proud and appreciative of being an ENECON Family member.”

Matt Kenna

ENECON Distributor for Australia Since 2005

Working with ENECON has been a wonderful experience, to be able to grow my own business with all that entails whilst being supported by a first class manufacturer enables us to know that we can provide the customer with first class service and products. This ensures repeat business and creates that SNOWBALL which ensures the growth of my business and ENECON’S!”

Watch Matt Kenna in a video bio blog

Alex Mancinelli

ENECON Distributor for Italy Since 2001

Ten years ago I believed in ENECON and in the people that made it. They have grown together with us Distributors around the world, but ENECON is also this: a family business, a professional challenge and a future for new generation.”

Andy Pranata

ENECON Distributor for Indonesia Since 2003

The most beautiful part of ENECON business is only using SIMPLE TOOLS even to do BIG BUSINESS and the wide range of products can cater to different kinds of industries from small to big accounts.

Thanks to ENECON for giving our company diversified business from conventional trading business to projects and repair business.”

Dieter Neuhauser

ENECON Distributor for Western Germany Since 2005

We signed our contract for exclusive distributorship here in major parts of Germany with ENECON in Sept. 2005. After completing major preparations for marketing and sales tools, we basically started our market approach in early 2006. Now, some 5 years later, we are proud to report, that we could establish ourselves as major partner for industrial and commercial clients in the field of repair, protection and enhancement of machinery, equipment and civil construction.

Even though we attended in 2005 an initial educational seminar at ENECON`s headquarters, we obvious needed substantial support for many technical and application issues in the course of the project opportunities that we were focusing. We are very glad to report, that whenever we needed any of this support, the ENECON specialists responded to our requests and queries without delay and substantial information and recommendation. All and any contacts with the ENECON headquarters were dealt in very warm, friendly and professional atmosphere.

As we completed numerous project in the recent years, summing up to our Reference List with presently some 300 applications, we can confirm, that the quality of the ENECON products confirm to the highest industrial standards. Today, after many critical applications, we are confident, that some major ENECON products provide even unrivalled quality and physical / chemical properties.

Looking back to our 5-years history with ENECON and in the German market, we can confirm, that we have no reason to regret our decision signing the mentioned distributorship contract with the ENECON Corp.”

Francisco Tarre

ENECON Distributor for Venezuela since 2009

From the beginning our company has had the vision to provide our customers the highest quality solutions and at the best price. We were blessed to join the ENECON family in 2009. These products have allowed us success national market of Venezuela in which we have solved many issues with less down time than a conventional repair and with higher quality. Being ENECON distributors for Venezuela wasn’t by chance, but it was a chance from God. We will continue ahead repairing without the need of replacing all over Venezuela.”

Artemy Balandin

ENECON Distributor for Russia since 2010

ENECON Russia joined the ENECON Family in 2010. Today, after the successful completion of many projects, we and our customers alike are convinced that there is no problem the ENECON products cannot solve. We are able to ensure the highest quality and durability of the repaired components and plant structures.”

Gilberto Dos Santos

ENECON Distributor for Brazil Since 2011

We assumed the distribution of ENECON products in Brazil in late 2011, and since then, we have become part of a big family. ENECON provides us with great technical and commercial support, with a clear interest and commitment to insure our local growth as well as the growth of the ENECON brand worldwide. We took on this project with all the resources we had available and we have not restrained our efforts, focusing on opening markets and establishing the ENECON brand in Brazil –, offering the most varied industrial maintenance solutions for Chemical, Petrochemical, Mining, Marine, Food & Beverage, Energy, Sanitation, as well as many other industries. We are pleased and proud to be part of this great international family whose main objective is to insure our customers save resources and energy in the maintenance processes, thus extending the life of equipment and industrial facilities.”

Jose Miguez Sr. & Jose Miguez Jr.

ENECON Distributors for Panama since 2014

Jose Jr and I are happy to be part of the always expanding ENECON Family. We are looking forward to many years of success in Panama with so many interesting potential applications before us. We always have confidence that Andy, Ed and the ENECON team in New York are always at our disposal should we have any questions.”

Reinaldo Rodriguez

ENECON Distributor for Colombia since 2016

We at D2R are more than happy to be part of ENECON’s family, you get so many great products with so many possibilities in one company and if thats not enough you are treated as family making our job more fun, encouriging and enthusiastic; you can’t find that so easy, Thanks for a great opportunity! – D2R Team!”

Soluciones MRO, ENECON en Argentina

ENECON Distributor for Argentina since 2009

We are grateful to be official distributors for ENECON in Argentina. Thanks to the fact that we can count on exclusive first class products, constant technical and commercial support, we are growing day by day and generating permanent successful applications. They count on our support and integration that we have in our country to contribute efforts and make this business bigger providing solutions that in many cases until now were unknown in our marketplace”

ENECON Afrique, ENECON Morocco

ENECON Distributor for Morocco since 2013

As members of the ENECON Family, we have faced some challenges that any new business could encounter. Overcoming these challenges to meet our customer’s expectations is the enjoyment of our industry. Thanks to ENECON Corporation's focus on innovation, we are able to continually offer our customers new products meeting their most demanding requirements. We are very confident of their performance, we highly recommend ENECON products!"

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