The water sealer

The jobsite waterproofer and leak sealer that coats, fills, seals and protects.

ENECRETE WS is a protective and waterproofing product for masonry structures. It employs a multiple curing reaction process to impart its exceptional properties. The reactions that occur upon mixing combine the hydration reaction of calcium / silica / aluminum cement, for strength and durability, with the film-forming reaction of a polymer adhesive, for waterproofing, chemical resistance and adhesion.

ENECRETE WS can be used as a negative side / positive side flow preventive coating and as a repair mortar, depending on the component mixing ratio used.

WS is a dual-component product that is easy to prepare and apply in the field. One product that can be used to solve two common problems in industry — concrete attack and water infiltration.

ENECRETE WS combines the best characteristics of traditional cementitious materials with the advanced adhesion and protection of the highest quality polymers. This extraordinary material provides an easy-to-use compound that permanently seals brick, concrete and block from infiltration and exfiltration.

  • Protects concrete, mortar, block and brick
  • Waterproofs and seals
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Simple to use

Remember – ENECRETE WP is the water plugging component of our leak and seep stopping system – see information on ENECRETE WS (the water sealer) to seal walls and floors against dampness and seepage…

Leaks in Underground Vault Concrete Stopped with ENECRETE, ENECLAD and ENESEAL:

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