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Control Scale Build-Up and Deposits

How to Avoid Expensive Water Damage: An Invisible Weather Resistant Barrier Protects Concrete Surfaces

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Repair roof problem areas, reduce solar heat load and protect insulation Chemical Protection Rebuild Damaged Equipement Extreme floor protection for extreme environments. Industrial Strength Composite Polymers Cavitation Repair and Rebuild Extraordinary protection in some of the most aggressive chemical environments Outstanding erosion / corrosion resistance! Repairs damaged equipment Superior strength, durability and adhesion Repairs and resurfaces equipment damaged by erosion / corrosion
Repair and waterproofing for masonry structures in hydrostatic pressure applications Extraordinary environmental protection to structural steel and concrete surfaces Engineered to repair and rebuild damaged / eroded fluid flow components. Seal and dustproof concrete without any odor The finest room temperature cured, chemical protection coating system on the market Engineered to repair deeply damaged components. Protects surfaces from chemical attack - where mild acids, alkalis, bleach, oils, gasoline, etc. are present Prime, seal and smooth rough concrete surfaces in one simple step Fast Leak Repairs and MORE
Repair and protect all types of equipment subject to very aggressive abrasion. Extraordinary environmental protection to structural steel and concrete surfaces Extraordinary protection in some of the most aggressive chemical environments Trowelable / machinable - a permanent bond to virtually any rigid surface Extreme protection for materials existing in all extreme environments. Advanced protection in some of the most harsh environments Engineered to repair deeply damaged / eroded fluid flow components. Extraordinary weather protection to virtually all types of concrete, masonry and mineral surfaces.
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Corrosion Protection By ENECON

Industrial Coatings and Corrosion ProtectionENECON Corporation is a recognized world leader in developing advanced polymer composite technologies, specializing in unique industrial coatings that provide erosion and corrosion protection for industry, institutions, government agencies -- including the U.S. Department of Defense -- and electrical utilities. ENECON has pioneered unique, high performance coating solutions to protect machinery, equipment and plant structures from erosion, corrosion, cavitation, chemical attack, wear & abrasion, impact, hydrostatic pressure issues, as well as problem areas on roofs, walls and floors. Energy conservation and mineral scale control in hard water systems are also targeted client issues. ENECON specializes in providing cost effective and commercially proven solutions for a wide range of repair and preventive maintenance applications in all types of industries: petrochemical, pulp and paper, electrical utilities, mining & quarrying, marine, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, waste water treatment, as well as the U.S. and international defense forces. ENECON is strategically positioned to provide these demanding clients with the finest repair and protection products and services available. ENECON provides ‘industrial strength solutions’ for all your fluid flow systems and plant life extension repair and maintenance needs.  Our product overview page should help you locate the appropriate industrial coating solution for all of your applications.

ENEFLOW units require no maintenance and are environmentally safe! Eliminate scale & scale-induced corrosion, help stabilize pH in all types of fluid-flow systems:

Condition water with no salt, no chemicals and no external energy consumption!

ENEFLOW Power Cells can also increase fuel efficiency!

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• Control mineral scale build-up
• Accelerate reagent diffusion
• Improve corrosion protection
Magnetic Water Treatment