Repairs to all types of equipment including in-place shaft repairs.
A permanent bond to any rigid surface.

Metal · Plastic · Glass · Wood · Concrete and More!

METALCLAD DurAlloy is a two-component, 100% solids, multi-purpose polymer composite which can be easily machined on a lathe, drilled, tapped, filed, sanded and polished.

When properly mixed, METALCLAD DurAlloy is a non-sagging paste which quickly cures to a metal-hard material creating a permanent bond to any rigid surface such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, concrete and more.

  • Machineable
  • Trowelable
  • Requires No Heat
  • Unlimited Shelf Life
  • 100% Solids
  • Safe & Simple To Use
  • Worn shafts
  • Cracked & holed casings
  • Oversize bearing & bush housings
  • Scored rams
  • Sloppy keyways
  • Stripped threads
  • Warped, distorted or steam-cut flange faces
Machined Marine Tail Shaft Repair with DurAlloy:

Split Case Pump Repair using METALCLAD:

In-place shaft repair with ENECON®’s DurAlloy®:

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