South Florida Art Museum Uses METALCLAD, CHEMCLAD & ENESEAL To Protect Critical Cooling Tower Support Beams & Piping

Two rooftop cooling towers at a South Florida art museum were experiencing severe corrosion and erosion of their support beams and piping.

The museum knew they had to find a fast and cost-effective solution to this problem to avoid further damage to the equipment or potential damage to the cooling system. The priceless art pieces in the building below must stay in a temperature-controlled environment. The local ENECON Field Engineering Specialist was contacted for a solution.

ENECON's approach was comprehensive. All surface preparation was done manually with angle grinders, and ENESEAL RC was applied to heavily corroded areas to halt the rust. Any steel showing signs of erosion was repaired with DurAlloy, then sanded to meet the existing profile. To protect against chemically laden mist, two coats of CHEMCLAD GP were applied in at-risk areas.

Finally, the entire area was coated with two coats of ENESEAL CR (three coats in the most affected areas). Specific pipes were insulated with aluminum casings, and two final topcoats of ENESEAL HR were applied in those areas to provide heat refraction.


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