The U.S. Navy Turn to ENECON!

The Landing Platform Dock - Amphibious Ship USS AUSTIN sailed into the Mediterranean on one engine, unable to maneuver properly. Corrosion leaks in one of the main steam condensers caused it to be shut down, making the engine it served inoperable.

Faced with a $1.2 million potential replacement cost and no time, the vessel needed a first rate repair material and a technically competent, world-class organization to respond to their needs...immediately!

Their “SOS” quickly went to ENECON who, in a matter of  hours, had  arranged for almost  $50,000 of CeramAlloy to be on the way to Gibraltar, along with two senior field engineers. With heroic, ‘round-the-clock’ efforts, the condenser repairs were completed and the AUSTIN was underway, a day earlier than expected!


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