Pump Impeller at South Florida Municipality Rebuilt and Resurfaced

As you could imagine, the fluid flow systems of wastewater plants handle very damaging and corrosive substances every day. At this South Florida municipality, one of the pump impellers in the facility seemed almost irreparable and was headed to the scrap heap; having heavy damage from pumping sewage, grease, sand etc. Replacing just one of these impellers would cost around $5,600.

The impeller was so damaged it had decreased in size by about 14 millimeters, and its top and bottom flanges were uneven and misshapen. Even though the impeller was severely damaged, ENECON was able to repair the piece of equipment. DurAlloy was used to rebuild the damaged areas back to original shape and contour, followed by two coats of CeramAlloy CL+AC to resurface and protect the impeller for long-term efficiency.


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