A successful structural reinforcement of an outfall pipe at Europe’s largest wastewater treatment plant.

After the successful structural reinforcement of the two ends of the outfall of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Spain, which had lost much of its thickness due to corrosion in a steel section as well as cracks in the GRP section (glass fiber reinforced plastic), the WWTP called the ENECON distributor in Spain (PROENECON) because of an unexpected break of the pipe's neck.  This was the 47 inch diameter GRP junction with the main 83 inch GRP pipe.

This repair was much more complicated than the previous one since, in this case, it was a total break causing a flood.  The water level could not be lowered more than 3/4 of an inch below the area of the break. After divers retrieved the junction from the bottom of the water-filled manhole, the PROENECON technicians proceeded to glue it to the main pipe using METALCLAD DurAlloy. Then they reinforced the joint both on the inside as well as the outside with DuraWrap.

DuraWrap provides structural reinforcement for pressure pipes, meeting ASME PCC2 and ISO 24817 allowing the outfall to be commissioned in just one week.


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