Mechanic Shop Steps and Platforms Application

After an ENECON presentation at a railroad mechanical shop in Louisiana, the maintenance supervisor brought the local ENECON technical expert to a nearby shop. There were several injuries at this shop because of slips and falls on a corrugated metal platform that was exposed to oils and diesel fuel.  When employees attempted to clean these areas, they were still very slippery and ... Read More...

Submersible Pump Repair

This submersible pump, which was one of six, was exposed to a highly corrosive environment inside a waste water/scale pit. Every year the pumps would have to be re-painted to try and combat the accelerated corrosion being experienced. Some of the motors would even develop a hole in the motor casing allowing water to enter the motor which resulted in expensive overhauls.

In order ...

Cooling Tower Repair

Cooling towers, which circulate water constantly through evaporative cooling of water, are subject to both corrosion from the oxygenated water and erosion of the metal components from the constant flow of water. Although the water is often chemically treated to reduce corrosion effects, the best that chemical treatment can do is to slow the effects of corrosion. Eventually the corrosion ... Read More...

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