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Atmospheric pollution that caused corrosion of cooling tower I-beams is no match for ENECON’s corrosion protection system

You know a client is happy when they give you additional work. In this case a major pharmaceutical plant had cooling towers that sat on grated platforms supported by I-beams. These I-beams had been affected by years of atmospheric pollution. After loose corrosion was removed ENESEAL CR was applied. ENESEAL CR is s corrosion protection coating system that not only provides the required corrosion protection but, as you can tell from the photos, also looks good. The additional projects that were awarded made it clear that the client was pleased. Click here to read more…

Two coats of ENESEAL CR were then applied. The CR is a ‘self-priming’ corrosion protection coating system which provides both corrosion protection and an aesthetically pleasing surface treatment.

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