Facilities engineers rescued from a potential nightmare replacement of leaking shower terrazzo pans with a simple, quick, and economical solution

Imagine being a facilities engineer at a world class university and the shower stalls in the student dormitories are leaking into the floors below. Do you replace the terrazzo pans on the bottom of the showers that are leaking? Not only would this mean pulling out the old pans, installing new ones, and then repairing tiles but it would be expensive…and you’d have to shut down the showers while the work was being done. This wouldn’t make anybody happy.

The solution came in the form of an ENECON representative and ENCRETE DuraQuartz. That would have been enough, but it also resulted in a savings of thousands of dollars.

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Leaking existing terrazzo shower pan prior to repair. Note tape applied above the first course of tiles to neatly define the DuraQuartz repair.

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