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Control Scale Build-Up and Deposits without Chemicals or Complex Equipment

Control Scale Build-Up and Deposits

Billions of gallons of water are used throughout many industries for a variety of reasons. Water can be used for: cooling, heating, storage, drinking, operating machinery or equipment, and so much more. That is why making sure the flow of water is not hindered in any way. In hard water, water that has high components of minerals like calcium or magnesium, minerals can build up in pipes or components. This build-up hinders the flow of water, causing equipment and operation to run inefficiently.

The ENEFLOW® Engineering Team has developed a revolutionary magnetic circuit design that provides maximum fluid treatment to control scale build-up and corrosion. ENEFLOW Fluid Dynamic Power Cells provide environmentally sensible solutions for fluid treatment without using chemicals or complicated equipment. This will be critical as water quality standards and controls become more stringent.

Scale Reduction at Power Plant

ENEFLOW Reduces Scale Problem At Power Plant

Scale Reduction on Heat Exchanger

ENEFLOW Eliminates Scale From Heat Exchanger

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