Solutions for Water and Wastewater Industries

Solutions for Water & Wastewater Industries

Water is an essential part of everyday life on earth. It is also a necessity for many industries that use water for heating, cooling, processing, producing power, and so much more.

However, the same water that is essential for industries also corrodes crucial equipment and structures like pipes, tunnels, dams, steel, concrete, and other components. Costing industries billions of dollars every year.

Wastewater treatment facilities are inherently corrosive environments. Protecting existing or new equipment and infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges for the engineers that operate these facilities. ENECON offers many products that can help repair and protect water/wastewater facilities and equipment. One example is the repair of this return sludge pump pipe is just one case of what ENECON can do help maintain critical equipment.

Chemical Resistant Coatings

Waste Water Treatment Plant Repairs Leaking Pipe Elbow

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