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A Preventative Approach to Cooling Tower Corrosion

Cooling Towers

Leaking Towers or Corrosion Issues?
ENECON Is Your Cooling Tower Repair Consultant.

As the cooling season comes to end are you planning regular maintenance to your cooling towers? ENECON products can provide unrivaled protection on hot decks, lower basins, sumps & structural steel. All at a fraction of the costs associated with traditional repair and/or replacement procedures. A preventative approach to corrosion remediation can save thousands of dollars by decreasing the possibility of leaks and extending the overall life cycle of the tower and structure.

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  • Atmospheric Corrosion - These I-beams had been suffering for years from corrosion caused by atmospheric pollution mixing with the water splashing from the large cooling towers.
  • ENESEAL CR was applied to provide corrosion protection and an aesthetically pleasing surface. It is a single component, water-based, flexible coating that is easy to use.
  • Years of continual use and corrosion left to grow can cause premature failure of lower basins (above) and hot decks (below), leaks and the need for costly replacement.
  • The lower basins and hot decks were protected with CHEMCLAD SC, which will provide many years of corrosion protection and decrease the life cycle costs of the cooling towers.

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