Outside Storage Units

Outside storage units are in the elements 24/7. There are many factors that can cause any type of outdoor unit to be damaged. Rain, salt, sand, chemical spillage and impact are just a few examples of how any outdoor storage unit can incur damage. During the summer time, some units can be almost unbearable to enter due to the high temperature inside.

These storage units were located at a power plant substation and experienced heavy corrosion damage, had leaks, and were very hot inside. Replacing the units was not an option because of the equipment inside of them, so they wanted to get rid of the existing corrosion and protect them from any future corrosion issues.

To solve the corrosion issue, two coats of ENESEAL CR were used. ENESEAL HR was then applied to lower the heat inside of the unit. The customers were so pleased with the results, they requested quotes on additional buildings.

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