Mechanic Shop Steps and Platforms Application

After an ENECON presentation at a railroad mechanical shop in Louisiana, the maintenance supervisor brought the local ENECON technical expert to a nearby shop. There were several injuries at this shop because of slips and falls on a corrugated metal platform that was exposed to oils and diesel fuel.  When employees attempted to clean these areas, they were still very slippery and dangerous.

Platform Before Application

The mechanical shop was considering a complete removal of the existing platforms and a installing a new concrete platform. This would have caused a complete disruption to their productivity in the shop as well cost tens-of-thousands of dollars.

The shop already had an existing contractor who uses ENECON’s wide array of commercial repair and maintenance products. The contractor team came to the jobsite to review the application with the ENECON technical expert. After that meeting, it was decided that it would be best to have steel diamond plate sheets fabricated to cover the platforms and steps. ENECON’s CHEMCLAD SC in safety yellow would then be applied to all of the diamond plate, with an aggregate back rolled in to provide slip resistance. CHEMCLAD SC will provide a chemical resistance to the oils and diesel fuel this new diamond plate is exposed to.  It will also provide a surface that is tolerant to the cleaning process the railroad uses, while remaining very slip resistant.

Platform After Application

This project was performed at 25% of the replacement cost and 10% of the completion time that customer had been considering with installing a completely new concrete platform

With over six months since the project was completed, the local ENECON technical expert received a call from the supervisor to come look at the coated platform. He was so impressed that the coating still looked like knew having withstood the constant use, oil, fuel spills and cleanings.  The supervisor said that they will continue to use ENECON’s product in as many upcoming projects as possible.

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