Francis Turbine Wicket Gate

These wicket gates for a Francis turbine direct high flowing water so that it hits the turbine blades at the most efficient angle. When not properly protected, these wicket gates suffer from constant erosion / corrosion. The majority of companies will discard their worn out wicket gates and then purchase very expensive new gates for their Francis turbine.


Intake Pipe Repair

Major problems can cause catastrophic damages to a facility’s operations. The accumulative cost of: repairs, labor, and downtime can add up.

This 24 inch diameter intake pipe, located at a U.S. Power Plant, was leaking above the ground just below the disc valve. The plant’s maintenance engineers needed a proven, reliable and economical solution to fix this ... Read More...

Even corrosive firefighting foam is no match for an ENECON repair

Drip. Drip. Drip. Quarter-sized holes.

Ship decks have aqueous firefighting foam (AFFF) stations that are used for fire fighting. The foam is, however, corrosive and can make holes in the decks. Right beneath those holes tends to be important rooms or tanks. They certainly wouldn’t want something dripping onto a person or equipment.

The holes are expensive to weld. ...

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