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Cooling Tower Repair

Cooling towers, which circulate water constantly through evaporative cooling of water, are subject to both corrosion from the oxygenated water and erosion of the metal components from the constant flow of water. Although the water is often chemically treated to reduce corrosion effects, the best that chemical treatment can do is to slow the effects of corrosion. Eventually the corrosion ... Read More...

Engineers so delighted with results of a project that they are already thinking of other opportunities to use the same material

Plant engineers at a nuclear power plant were so delighted with the repair of a serious concrete deterioration problem that they immediately started thinking of other uses for the material. They found that conventional patching materials were not performing well enough but ENCRETE DuraQuartz met all the needs, including severe weather conditions. The expert technical support during the ... Read More...

A repaired cooling tower still stands strong years after it was repaired

Enecon was called in to help when a cooling tower was leaking so badly due to corrosion that the facility had a garden hose feeding water into it constantly as it was lost. Once the tower was grit blasted to clean it out, all the holes previously blocked by muck could be seen and some were as large as nickels.

The solution was a two-step process. First, the holes were repaired ... Read More...

Atmospheric pollution that caused corrosion of cooling tower I-beams is no match for ENECON’s corrosion protection system

You know a client is happy when they give you additional work. In this case a major pharmaceutical plant had cooling towers that sat on grated platforms supported by I-beams. These I-beams had been affected by years of atmospheric pollution. After loose corrosion was removed ENESEAL CR was applied. ENESEAL CR is s corrosion protection ... Read More...

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