Pintle Housing Repair

ENECON recently completed a project on a Military Sealift Command ship. The ship is a RO/RO (roll on/roll off), 954 feet long and a beam (width) of 106 feet. It is triple screw and has a displacement of 61,680 tons.

Once dry-docked, the rudder was removed along with the associated hardware ... Read More...

Cylinder Rod Repair

This cylinder rod is a part of the boom lift cylinder assembly of the Crane H.R.T –Grove RT 755. It is 6’’ in diameter and 3.5 meter in length. The relieve valve is adjusted to 2500psi. The chrome plated shaft experienced advanced pitting and the client needed to find a quick solution. Apart from the pitting, the chrome plating which was recently repaired, had failed at ... Read More...

Intake Pipe Repair

Major problems can cause catastrophic damages to a facility’s operations. The accumulative cost of: repairs, labor, and downtime can add up.

This 24 inch diameter intake pipe, located at a U.S. Power Plant, was leaking above the ground just below the disc valve. The plant’s maintenance engineers needed a proven, reliable and economical solution to fix this ... Read More...

Which is better: removing a roof and replacing a tank or repairing it instead?

What does it take to make a maintenance manager say, “Repair – Don’t Replace®”?

Picture this: You’re the maintenance manager at a steel plant and you are facing having to tell your company that you have to remove a roof of a building, use a crane or helicopter to remove a tank, and then replace it with a new one. This would have cost hundreds of ... Read More...

A repaired cooling tower still stands strong years after it was repaired

Enecon was called in to help when a cooling tower was leaking so badly due to corrosion that the facility had a garden hose feeding water into it constantly as it was lost. Once the tower was grit blasted to clean it out, all the holes previously blocked by muck could be seen and some were as large as nickels.

The solution was a two-step process. First, the holes were repaired ... Read More...

Sometimes a solution is just obvious. Repairing instead of replacing saves the day at a Waste-to-Energy plant

You know you have the right solution when a plant’s engineers and maintenance supervisor won’t even let you finish your presentation because they know you have a solution to an immediate problem. That’s exactly what happened. The presentation was stopped and the ENECON representatives were whisked away to the facility’s maintenance shop.

The back plate of a ...

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