Francis Turbine Vane Repair

Hydroelectric power is a very efficient power generator and is a great source for renewable energy. In America, every state uses hydropower for electricity, and some states use a great deal. In fact, over 70 percent of Washington State’s electricity comes from hydropower.*

Efficiency is key when generating power via a hydroelectric plant. One problem that can cause a ... Read More...

Solution to protect Francis Turbine Runners from severe cavitation attacks described as the best method of repairing and protecting

Severe cavitation is a tough problem and can cause serious damage. A hydroelectric plant called the ENECON solution the best method of repairing and protecting the Francis Turbine Runners. The engineer responsible for the unit was originally slightly skeptical but now is such a fan of the solution that he has recommended it to the operating supervisors from other dams.  Read More...

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