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Mechanic Shop Steps and Platforms Application

After an ENECON presentation at a railroad mechanical shop in Louisiana, the maintenance supervisor brought the local ENECON technical expert to a nearby shop. There were several injuries at this shop because of slips and falls on a corrugated metal platform that was exposed to oils and diesel fuel.  When employees attempted to clean these areas, they were still very slippery and ... Read More...

Industrial Floor Repair

Business owners will have to deal with uncomfortable, and sometimes avoidable, situations from accidents in the workplace. Slips and falls are one of the primary causes for accidents in the work place. Injury, loss of production and even lawsuits can arise from these unfortunate ... Read More...

Dog Kennel Repair

Accidents happen….especially if you happen to be a puppy or a dog. The flooring at a dog kennel suffered extreme deterioration after years of urine seeping through the grout and beneath the tile surface. It was time for a new flooring solution…..one that was: washable, anti-slip, and urine and detergent resistant.

After workers removed the damaged tile, DuraFill was ... Read More...

Motorcycle plant doesn’t let damaged concrete hold up the line

A motorcycle production plant had an interesting problem. During the manufacturing process the motorcycles are transported within the plant in carts that travel along metal tracks on concrete. They had an incident where some hardware was dropped and the cart then dragged it along the floor, putting deep grooves into the concrete floor. After that the carts would get ... Read More...

When you need to ‘operate’ on the operating room it’s serious business.

So luck would have it that the HVAC system of a hospital in Illinois was on the top floor. The system then leaked, affecting the concrete beneath it. Where was this concrete? It was in the operating room that happened to be below it. Operating room. Water. Condensation. Not a good combination.

A second challenge was that the access to part of the affected floor was limited. The ... Read More...

The Navy was so proud of the seamless floor we gave them that they wanted to show it off

Bringing people onto a Navy base to see an example of work we had done was a big deal. There are levels of permission and time considerations. The Navy was so proud of the control room floor we repaired for them that they both made it easy to bring people to see it and took their time to show our prospective clients around.

Our contacts at the Navy were very specific about what ... Read More...

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