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Repairing a Pressurized Tank

Equipment that we don’t walk pass or see every day may sometimes have issues that go unnoticed or unchecked for quite some time. It is a good idea to have a monthly, or at least a quarterly, inspection on all of you equipment to see if any repairs or service is required.

The ENECON team received a call from a hospital. Their pressurized tank needed repair after suffering ... Read More...

Protecting patients and nurses by taking care of the floor

You can probably imagine that having a dangerous floor in a Veterans’ Administration Hospital Spinal Cord Unit, or any hospital, would not be a good thing for patients, nurses, or visitors.

It turns out that the floor in this particular hospital had never been pitched properly so the water from the showers went right out from the showers and under the door. People were ... Read More...

When you need to ‘operate’ on the operating room it’s serious business.

So luck would have it that the HVAC system of a hospital in Illinois was on the top floor. The system then leaked, affecting the concrete beneath it. Where was this concrete? It was in the operating room that happened to be below it. Operating room. Water. Condensation. Not a good combination.

A second challenge was that the access to part of the affected floor was limited. The ... Read More...

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