Non-Slip Deck Surfacing

Non-Slip Deck Surfacing

Working on a boat can be hazardous, high winds and dangerous weather conditions can put people in harm’s way is slips and falls. This aluminum hull catamaran, used as a research platform in one of the National Marine Sanctuaries, was in need of a ... Read More...

It’s smooth sailing ahead for mariners who used CHEMCLAD® SC instead of traditional hull protection methods

Long Island, home of the ENECON® headquarters, is surrounded by water so there is a lot of boating of all kinds. Taking care of a boat that is affected by weather and salt water is no small project, and is not inexpensive either. We heard a story of being at a “Blessing of the Fleet” ceremony and hearing someone yell out, “I need to coat my bottom this year, give me ... Read More...

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