Pintle Housing Repair

ENECON recently completed a project on a Military Sealift Command ship. The ship is a RO/RO (roll on/roll off), 954 feet long and a beam (width) of 106 feet. It is triple screw and has a displacement of 61,680 tons.

Once dry-docked, the rudder was removed along with the associated hardware ... Read More...

Even corrosive firefighting foam is no match for an ENECON repair

Drip. Drip. Drip. Quarter-sized holes.

Ship decks have aqueous firefighting foam (AFFF) stations that are used for fire fighting. The foam is, however, corrosive and can make holes in the decks. Right beneath those holes tends to be important rooms or tanks. They certainly wouldn’t want something dripping onto a person or equipment.

The holes are expensive to weld. ...

The Navy was so proud of the seamless floor we gave them that they wanted to show it off

Bringing people onto a Navy base to see an example of work we had done was a big deal. There are levels of permission and time considerations. The Navy was so proud of the control room floor we repaired for them that they both made it easy to bring people to see it and took their time to show our prospective clients around.

Our contacts at the Navy were very specific about what ... Read More...

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