ENECON is a proud American-based manufacturing company that solves problems related to erosion, corrosion, cavitation, chemical attack, impact, abrasion, hydrostatic pressure and mineral scale buildup. We do this by application of one or more of our high performance polymers. ENECON will diagnose the problem and prescribe proven, cost effective solutions. These problems occur everywhere – from heavy industry to power companies, including nuclear plants; from the US Navy/Army to commercial buildings, schools and shopping malls; from Fortune 100 companies to local dry cleaners and shops.

ENECON Corporation was established in January of 1990. Its principals and officers have almost 150 years in combined experience solving fluid flow related problems and / or plant life extension.

While nothing is right for every problem, ENECON products are often a time-saving, cost effective alternative to other repair methods and / or replacement. They have repeatedly been shown to be not only the right choice – but also the best choice – for many repairs. When faced with such a problem, kindly contact our Tech Center at or by calling 888-4-ENECON (888-436-3266) for assistance.

Depending on where you are located, ENECON products may be purchased from one of our local dealers / distributors or through our corporate headquarters in Medford, NY. Kindly contact our offices at or by calling 888-4-ENECON (888-436-3266) for assistance.

The type and scope of any repair will dictate the material requirements. Many applications can be completed with only a few dollars of material while other large-scale, complex projects may require substantially more material. Regardless of the investment, the relative cost of an ENECON solution is normally only a fraction of the cost of more conventional approaches.

We are proud that all ENECON products are made in the USA at our Medford, NY facility. In addition, we source all of our raw materials, supplies, advertising, etc. from USA sources. When you buy ENECON products you are helping to keep USA workers employed. In addition, ENECON exports our products to over 65 countries around the world, which helps strengthen our economy.

Since ENECON products are formulated to be safe and simple to use, many applications are carried out by the purchaser of the material. For more complex projects, turn-key application services are often available or can be arranged through ENECON or its local dealers / distributors. ENECON technical support is as close as your phone or email. We have technical support throughout the USA and in 65+ countries around the world. Whenever possible, a trained ENECON specialist will be onsite to provide technical assistance, review proper surface preparation, mixing and application tips, etc.

No, most ENECON products are 100% solids with no VOC’s [Volatile Organic Compounds] and minimal or no odors. No respirators or special protective equipment is needed.

Rubber gloves and protective clothing are recommended.  Before mixing & using the products read SDS carefully.  Keep out of reach of children.  The materials are solely for industrial and commercial use.

No, most ENECON products are 100% solids with no VOC’s [Volatile Organic Compounds] and minimal or no odors. Our products are often applied to the interior of commercial / industrial air handlers, where odors would be a critical product choice. Even in these cases, air can be circulated throughout the building while the ENECON product is curing.

It is impossible to put an exact figure on longevity, as every application has different demands. However, we have examples of heat exchangers in nuclear power plants, coated with ENECON products to eliminate corrosion, handling brackish river water at thousands of gallons per hour, lasting over 15 years! ENECON products are designed to last. And we do not have different quality levels of products for different market segments. The commercial building or school buys the same products used in nuclear power plants, and at the same price!

As a general rule, ENECON Coating systems are, for the most part, applied as two-coat systems. To eliminate the difficulties often encountered when applying the same color over itself, ENECON coating materials are supplied in different colors to simplify overcoating. Once the most suitable product for the application is selected, kindly contact our Tech Center at or by calling 888-4-ENECON (888-436-3266) for assistance regarding the color choices available for the selected material.

*Note: Custom colors are also available on a special order basis for many ENECON products.

Exposure to low temperatures does not normally present a problem for ENECON materials that have been properly mixed, applied and cured. However, different ENECON materials will have different “guidelines” when elevated in-service temperatures are anticipated. It is also important to understand that product choices and recommendations will vary depending on the anticipated service conditions for the application. When faced with such a situation, kindly contact our Tech Center at or by calling 888-4-ENECON (888-436-3266) for assistance.

Pumps, pipes, tanks and valves are all fluid flow machinery and equipment. However, ENECON has a broader definition of “Fluid Flow Equipment”. Concrete that is damaged by rain water flowing across it can also be a fluid flow system. Water, flowing through a roof leak is an ENECON fluid flow system. HVAC ductwork damaged by the elements [water, salt] is an ENECON fluid flow system. The list is almost endless.

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is included with every unit of material supplied by ENECON Corporation. The MSDS is also available by contacting our Tech Center at or by calling 888-4-ENECON (888-436-3266).

With only a few exceptions, almost all ENECON products have an indefinite, unlimited shelf life.

ENECON products are available in over 65 countries throughout the world through a network of exclusive distributors. Most distributors can be found through our website or by contacting us directly at or by calling 888-4-ENECON (888-436-3266).

ENECON is always looking for good people to join our family. For consideration as a sales person, simply submit a resume by mail (6 Platinum Ct, Medford, NY 11763), email ( or fax (516-349-5522) to our corporate headquarters in Medford, NY., or visit the Careers page of our website and fill out the questionnaire.

Although being an ENECON Distributor is hard work, it is also incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally. If you are interested in such an opportunity, the first step is to submit a brief outline of your interest and your qualifications by mail (6 Platinum Ct, Medford, NY 11763), email ( or fax (516-349-5522) to our corporate headquarters in Medford, NY. Or visit the Opportunities page of our website and fill out the questionnaire.