Fast Setting, High Performance Polymer Composite Floor Protection System

ENECLAD FSC is a water-based, two-component coating system that has been specifically designed to seal and protect concrete surfaces that need to return to service quickly.

ENECLAD FSC is a fast setting coating which will minimize downtime. It bonds to virtually any mineral / cement substrate as well as wood.

  • Excellent Abrasion & Impact Resistance
  • Outstanding Adhesion
  • Safe & Simple to Use
  • Ideal for protecting concrete floors when moisture is present

Technical Data

Theoretical coverage rate per kg.
@ 10-12 mils
25 ft2 / 2.5 m2
Mixing ratio Base Activator
By Volume 4 3
By Weight 1 1
Ambient Temperature Working Life Minimum Overcoating Maximum Overcoat
59°F 15°C 30 min. 4 hrs. 24 hrs.
77°F 25°C 20 min. 2 hrs. 12 hrs.
86°F 30°C 15 min. 1 hr. 8 hrs.

Working Life & Cure Times

Ambient Temperature Foot Traffic Fork Lift Full Cure
68°F 20°C 3 hrs. 8 hrs. 3 days 
77°F 25°C 2 hrs. 6 hrs. 2 days
86°F 30°C 1.5 hrs. 5 hrs. 1 day

Chemical Resistance

Gasoline EX  Detergent Solution EX 
Kerosene EX Trisodium Phosphate  EX
50% Anti-Freeze  EX 20% Calcium Chloride  EX
Transmission Fluid  EX 10% Hydrochloric Acid EX 
Power Steering Fluid  EX 10% Sulfuric Acid EX 
Motor Oil  EX 10% Sodium Hydroxide  EX

EX - Suitable for most applications including immersion
G - Suitable for intermittent contact, splashes, etc.

Extended Information

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