The Ultimate Rust Converter

ENESEAL® RC is a single component, water based, rust converter combined with a non-pigmented, high quality latex metal primer. The converter turns rust into a barrier layer of non-rusting black iron oxide. The ENESEAL® RC converts and stabilizes rust that cannot be easily removed.

ENESEAL® RC is recommended for use on rusted or partially rusted steel surfaces as a converter/primer. It is specifically useful in problem areas which have hard to remove rust or are constantly wet or damp.

Before and After Examples

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Technical Data

Unit Size:
1 gal
Film Thickness:
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): 8-9 mils
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): 2 mils
Coverage Rate:
Approximately 180-200 sq. ft. per 1 gal @ 8-9 mils WFT
Drying Time:
At 77°F/25°C and 50% relative humidity dry to touch in 30 mins. Dry to recoat in 24 hours.
No thinner recommended.
Shelf Life:
1 year in an unopened container at a temperature between 41°F/5°C and 95°F/35°C. Do not allow to freeze.

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