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Canadian Fish Hatchery Still Protected After 10 Years

This trout hatchery in Western Canada is used to raise fish for lake stocks in the surrounding area.  Pools like this hold the trout fry until maturity and then they are released into lakes.  One of these pools was having filter drainage issues.  The local ENECON Distributor was asked to help with a new filter drain installation and pool interior protection.

The old filter was cut out of the concrete and a new filter, provided by the hatchery, was set into place using DuraQuartz RR to create a “seat” to ensure a snug fit for the filter.  DuraFill with locally sourced aggregate was then used to fill-in the remaining sections of cut-out concrete around the filter.

The entire pool floor was then prepared using a floor grinder.  ENECLAD CFS was used to prime the floor then two coats of CHEMCLAD SC were then applied.

After ten years in service with only minor touch-ups and cleaning, the pool floor is in excellent condition.  So much so that the hatchery decided to have the rest (20 more) of their pools protected the same way.


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