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Church Now Used As Recording Studio Repairs Deteriorating Steps

A university in Tennessee is home to a historic former church that is now a popular recording studio. The limestone front steps of the studio have cracked and crumbled over time to the point where they were a safety concern as well as an eyesore.

The university called in the Exclusive ENECON Distributor for Tennessee to provide a solution to this problem.  The steps were first pressure washed which removed any previous coatings and lose debris.

Any damaged areas were repaired with ENECRETE DuraQuartz.  The repaired areas were smoothed out manually with a grinder.

The steps were then coated with two coats of CHEMCLAD GP with a very fine pumice grit back-rolled in for added slip resistance.

The university maintenance team was very pleased with the results of this application.  The steps of this iconic studio will be protected for years to come.


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