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ENESEAL CR Protects Balcony Supports After 7 Years

In 2014, a large apartment complex near Philadelphia, PA, had corroding steel balcony supports. The rust was creating an unsightly visual for the tenants along with the fear by the management that the corrosion would begin to compromise the structural integrity of the balconies.

The owners of the complex were looking for a long-lasting solution to this potentially dangerous situation.  The local ENECON Field Engineering Specialist was called in to offer a corrosion protection program for the supports.

Prior to product application all the metal surfaces were prepared by scraping and grinding to remove the loose rust and any dirt to create a suitable substrate.

ENESEAL CR was then applied to encapsulate and protect the structure. The application was so successful that 20 more balconies were scheduled to be coated. The very first set of balconies were done 7 years ago and are still looking beautiful.


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