A broadcast flooring application, in its simplest form, is installing a polymer floor system using any of several ENECON high-performance products [ENECLAD FPS™, ENECRETE DuraFill™, CHEMCLAD SC™, CHEMCLAD GP or CHEMCLAD XC, if strong chemical resistance is needed] by alternating layers of the ENECON polymer and an aggregate, finishing with a final top layer of polymer.

The resulting floor system is slip resistant, water-proof and stabilizes/repairs the substrate. It can be strictly utilitarian, using dry sand as the aggregate, or decorative, by using colored quartz crystals.

The physical properties of the final flooring system can be customized to the specific application [UV resistance, chemical resistance etc., appearance] by choosing the proper ENECON polymer/aggregate combination.

Your local ENECON sales representative/dealer works with you to select the correct ENECON product, based on your needs. Click HERE to send a message to our support staff to start the consultation process.

If significant substrate repairs are needed prior to the broadcast application, ENECON DuraQuartz™, or ENECON DuraFill™ is used to make strong, durable repairs to the substrate, prior to the broadcast application.

A typical Industrial project:

Broadcast floors

Before – damage to existing floor system

After: Repaired, safe, slip-resistant Broadcast Floors and waterproof

After: Repaired, safe, slip-resistant and waterproof

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