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Salt Water Pump Brought Back To Life

Salt Water Pumps Repaired with CeramAlloy

Circulating pumps are often used to circulate elements in a closed circuit. This large salt water circulating pump at a utility company was damaged from years of use. Some of the stationary guide vanes in the pump had to be cut away because the damage was so severe. To repair the vanes, rods were tack welded into the vanes in order to create a “skeleton”. Heavy wire was then welded in between the rods to give reinforcement for ENECON’s CeramAlloy CP+AC.

The vane was rebuilt to its original size using CeramAlloy CP+AC and then resurfaced and completely coated with CeramAlloy CL+AC.

For over 27 years ENECON has proven we can repair and protect the most common and unusual repair; it just takes a little “Imagineering” to repair, not replace any industrial and commercial component.

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