Mechanic Shop Steps and Platforms Application

After an ENECON presentation at a railroad mechanical shop in Louisiana, the maintenance supervisor brought the local ENECON technical expert to a nearby shop. There were several injuries at this shop because of slips and falls on a corrugated metal platform that was exposed to oils and diesel fuel.  When employees attempted to clean these areas, they were still very slippery and ... Read More...

Industrial Floor Repair

Business owners will have to deal with uncomfortable, and sometimes avoidable, situations from accidents in the workplace. Slips and falls are one of the primary causes for accidents in the work place. Injury, loss of production and even lawsuits can arise from these unfortunate ... Read More...

Expansion Joint Repair

Buildings and structures must withstand continuous exposure to the elements. Wind, heat, cold, vibration, and tremors all test the structural integrity of a building. Expansion joints (also known as a movement joint) are imperative in construction and design to relieve stress and allow for expansion and contraction. Without these joints in place, concrete would crack due to expanding and ... Read More...

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