Commercial Roof Repair

Temperatures are rising and summer is right around the corner. Too often we overlook one of the most important parts of our facility, the roof. Commercial facility roofs are in the elements 24/7/365 and sustain damage from: rain, hail, snow, sun, animal waste, chemical attack, and changes in temperature.

Over time, high temperatures can cause blistering and cracks, which allows ... Read More...

Weather Protection Coating

These test panels were partially coated with ENESEAL CR so a small section of the test panels on the top and bottom were left uncoated.

One of the test panels from the set was placed on an outside test fence and remained exposed to the weather continuously for approximately nine years. The other test panel was stored continuously in the ENECON Laboratory without exposure to the ... Read More...

Digester Tank Cover Repair

Digester tank covers are placed on top of wastewater digester tanks and float on top of the liquid inside the tanks. The digester tank cover at this waste water treatment facility experienced corrosion damage over time due to the caustic nature and environment. Instead of a costly ($200,000) replacement, ENESEAL CR was applied after removing the old coating. Thus saving the facility a ... Read More...

Outside Storage Units

Outside storage units are in the elements 24/7. There are many factors that can cause any type of outdoor unit to be damaged. Rain, salt, sand, chemical spillage and impact are just a few examples of how any outdoor storage unit can incur damage. During the summer time, some units can be almost unbearable to enter due to the high temperature inside.

These storage units were ...

New Study by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association

If you ever have driven over an old bridge and take a look around, you would probably see some type of corrosion. Bridges are in the elements 24/7, 365 days a year. Environmental factors and impact wear away the structural integrity of a bridge over time. With some many of our nation’s bridges built many decades ago.

A new study by the American Road & Transportation ... Read More...

A “Repair Don’t Replace” Story: Transit line fixes roof water penetration problem with Eneseal coating instead of replacing the roof of the train.

A metropolitan transit line that carries thousands of riders each day was having a big problem with water penetrating into the passenger area of their cars. It would cost about $40,000.00 to replace the roofs and would also take about a month each. A new car was not an option because that was about 2-3 million dollars.

The Director of Technical Services asked us if we could help. ... Read More...

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