Commercial Roof Repair

Temperatures are rising and summer is right around the corner. Too often we overlook one of the most important parts of our facility, the roof. Commercial facility roofs are in the elements 24/7/365 and sustain damage from: rain, hail, snow, sun, animal waste, chemical attack, and changes in temperature.

Over time, high temperatures can cause blistering and cracks, which allows ... Read More...

Outside Storage Units

Outside storage units are in the elements 24/7. There are many factors that can cause any type of outdoor unit to be damaged. Rain, salt, sand, chemical spillage and impact are just a few examples of how any outdoor storage unit can incur damage. During the summer time, some units can be almost unbearable to enter due to the high temperature inside.

These storage units were ...

A school district gets an A+ for repairing the school roof instead of replacing it

With back-to-school in mind, we decided to share this story about a school district that had a challenge. A 100 year old school had a leaking roof and to replace it would have meant a lot of money and voting for a bond. As you can imagine, the voters would not have been happy about the expense. The facilities manager contacted ENECON and showed us how the water had been coming through the ... Read More...

Proud to be trusted to remove the concern about damage to insulation from oil, water, and impact

When we think about protecting insulation on twin diesel engines we don’t always stop to consider that by protecting the system on the boats, we are ultimately protecting the passengers and crew that travel on them. The Panama Canal Commission recognized our ability to prevent damage from oil, water, and impact for their specialty launches that ferry pilots and personnel throughout ... Read More...

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