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EF-011 - ENEFLOW Keeps Ice Machine Scale Free - $100 Investment Saves Thousands in Cleaning Costs
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Recreation Ice Machine ENEFLOW
EF-010 - ENEFLOW Fluid Dynamic Power Cells Continue to Provide “Outstanding” Scale Control Performance After Many Years at Major Refinery
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Refinery Piping ENEFLOW
EF-009 - Waste Water Treatment Plant on Long Island, New York Confirms 'Outstanding Results' with ENEFLOW after 2 Years!
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Sewage Plant Boilers ENEFLOW
EF-008 - Major Food Producer in Korea Saving Over $30,000 per Year with ENEFLOW!
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Food Evaporator ENEFLOW
EF-007 - Largest Tire Manufacturer in Korea calls ENEFLOW Performance..'Miraculous!'
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Manufacturing Plant Heat Exchanger ENEFLOW
EF-006 - Korea Electric Power Corp. Very Impressed With De-Scaling Performance of ENEFLOW Fluid Dynamic Power Cells On Ash Slurry Lines
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Power Plant Pipes ENEFLOW
EF-005 - Major Airline at New York’s JFK Airport Keeps Their Boiler Burning Cleaner and More Efficiently With ENEFLOW
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Aviation Boilers ENEFLOW
EF-004 - Municipal swimming pool complex in Belgium reduced chlorine usage by over 25% with ENEFLOW Power Cells!
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Recreation Swimming Pools ENEFLOW
EF-003 - Japan's Toei Giko Continues to Grow with the Flow
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Manufacturing Plant Pipes ENEFLOW
EF-002 - Major Chemical Manufacturer in Japan Solves Scale Problems with ENEFLOW
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Manufacturing Plant Pipes, Pumps and Valves ENEFLOW
EF-001 - Kobe Steel Corporation in Japan's ENEFLOW 5000 Test Installation
Featured Products: ENEFLOW
Steel Mill Pipes ENEFLOW
ECL-032 - DuraGrip System Installed At A Major US Airport Years Ago Still Providing Outstanding Performance Even After MILLIONS Of People Have Walked Over It
Featured Products: DuraGrip, ENECLAD CFS, ENECLAD SPS
Airport Floor ENECLAD
ECL-031 - ENECRETE DuraFill and ENECLAD Self Priming Screed (SPS) Salvage Critical Loading Dock Ramp
Featured Products: DuraFill, ENECLAD SPS
Research Center Loading Dock ENECLAD
ECL-030 - Russian Fire Station Floor Repaired with DuraQuartz and Protected with ENECLAD FPS
Featured Products: CHEMCLAD GP, CHEMCLAD XC, DuraQuartz, ENECLAD FPS, Safety Yellow
Fire Station Floor ENECLAD
ECL-029 - South Florida Municipality Uses ENECRETE & ENECLAD to Rescue Pump Room Floors
Featured Products: CHEMCLAD P4C, DuraQuartz, ENECLAD FPS
Municipality Pump Room Floors ENECLAD
ECL-028 - International Airport Protects Air Train Staircases with ENECLAD WBC
Featured Products: ENECLAD WBC
International Airport Staircase ENECLAD
ECL-027 - International Corrugated Paper Manufacturer Repairs & Protects Concrete Floors with ENECRETE, ENECLAD & CHEMCLAD
Featured Products: CHEMCLAD P4C, CHEMCLAD SC, DuraQuartz, ENECLAD FPS
Paper Manufacturer Warehouse Floors ENECLAD
ECL-026 - Generator Building Floor Repaired / Protected with DuraQuartz & ENECLAD FPS
Featured Products: DuraQuartz, ENECLAD FPS, ENESEAL CR
Generator Building Floor ENECLAD
ECL-025- Russian Nitrogen Manufacturing Plant Repairs & Protects Concrete Floors with ENECRETE, ENECLAD & CHEMCLAD
Nitrogen Manufacturing Plant Machine Shop Floors ENECLAD
ECL-024 - Russian Fertilizer Plant Solves Floor Problems with ENECLAD and CHEMCLAD
Featured Products: CHEMCLAD SC, DuraFill, ENECLAD CFS
Fertilizer Plant Floor ENECLAD
ECL-023 - Russian Candy Factory Floor is Rehabilitated Using DuraQuartz, P4C & ENECLAD FPS.
Featured Products: CHEMCLAD P4C, DuraQuartz, ENECLAD FPS
Candy Factory Factory Floor ENECLAD
ECL-022 - SuperBond Helps CHEMCLAD XC Provide Protection to Containment Area at Waste Water Treatment Facility
Featured Products: CHEMCLAD XC, SuperBond
Waste Water Treatment Facility Containment Area ENECLAD
ECL-021 - ENECLAD ‘Heals’ and Protects Hospital Dish Washing Area Floor
Featured Products: ENECLAD FPS, SuperBond
Hospital Dish Washing Area ENECLAD
ECL-020 - Cement Factory Diesel Fuel Containment Area Protected With ENECLAD
Cement Factory Containment Area ENECLAD
ECL-019 - Research Vessel Selects ENECLAD FPS For Its Deck Surfacing Needs
Featured Products: ENECLAD FPS
Research Vessel Deck Coating ENECLAD
ECL-018 - Major Spanish Aeronautics Company Selects ENECLAD To Protect Its New Hangar Floor
Featured Products: ENECLAD FPS, SuperBond
Aeronautics Co. Concrete Floor ENECLAD
ECL-017 - ENECLAD SuperBond Helps New Concrete Roof Adhere To Existing Roof At Spanish Nuclear Power Plant
Featured Products: SuperBond
Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Roof ENECLAD
ECL-016- Australian Power Plant Chooses ENECLAD To Protect Critical Floor Areas
Featured Products: ENECLAD FPS
Power Plant Flooring ENECLAD
ECL-015 - ENECLAD FPS Shines Up Storeroom Floor in Australia
Featured Products: ENECLAD FPS
Storeroom Floor Concrete ENECLAD
ECL-014 - Maryland Hotel Selects DuraQuartz & FPS 2000 to Repair & Protect Busy Walkway
Featured Products: DuraQuartz, ENECLAD FPS
Hotel Concrete ENECLAD

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