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Propeller Shaft Repaired and Protected

Propeller Shaft

Ships need to operate efficiently at all times. One part of the ship that is paramount for efficiency is the propeller shaft. If a shaft is worn, pitted or corroded it may not operate correctly. This causes the ship to have less power, increase vibration and fuel consumption. Make sure to inspect your ship’s propeller shaft for any noticeable damage

The propeller shaft of this military vessel was suffering from severe erosion and corrosion due to extended operation in a salt water environment. Over the course of many years a number of repair and preservation solutions had been attempted. Unfortunately none of the prior solutions had provided the long-term performance needed in this demanding environment. Consequently the decision was made to use a combination of ENECON’s CeramAlloy CP+AC and CeramAlloy CL+AC to repair and protect these critical components against future damage. Learn More...

Electrical Tower Maintenance


Electrical Tower Maintenance


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