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Repair and Protect Onboard Equipment

Everyone knows the saying, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”. This type of mentality will save money in the short term, but can allow for larger complications to arise in the future. That is why most facilities and operations will have a schedule for preventative maintenance for their equipment, building and structures. Allocated resources before wear and tear can cause inefficiencies to affect normal day to day operations. This will protect your operations from costly replacement cost and loss of revenue from a major shut down

The U.S. Navy knows the importance of preventive maintenance is. The safeguard of onboard equipment is always a challenge for ships’ engineers due to the corrosive, erosive and deteriorating nature of the salt water environment, long periods away from port and limited repair windows. That is why the U.S. Navy asked ENECON to protect and extend the service life of their new intake spools and transitions lines being installed on a cargo ship. These components carry sea water to the engine for cooling. There were over a dozen spool pieces and transition lines that were grit blasted and coated with two coats of CeramAlloy CL+AC to protect equipment from erosion and corrosion from the salt water.

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