Cooling Tower Repair

Cooling towers, which circulate water constantly through evaporative cooling of water, are subject to both corrosion from the oxygenated water and erosion of the metal components from the constant flow of water. Although the water is often chemically treated to reduce corrosion effects, the best that chemical treatment can do is to slow the effects of corrosion. Eventually the corrosion ... Read More...

Commercial Roof Repair

Temperatures are rising and summer is right around the corner. Too often we overlook one of the most important parts of our facility, the roof. Commercial facility roofs are in the elements 24/7/365 and sustain damage from: rain, hail, snow, sun, animal waste, chemical attack, and changes in temperature.

Over time, high temperatures can cause blistering and cracks, which allows ... Read More...

Which is better: removing a roof and replacing a tank or repairing it instead?

What does it take to make a maintenance manager say, “Repair – Don’t Replace®”?

Picture this: You’re the maintenance manager at a steel plant and you are facing having to tell your company that you have to remove a roof of a building, use a crane or helicopter to remove a tank, and then replace it with a new one. This would have cost hundreds of ... Read More...

A school district gets an A+ for repairing the school roof instead of replacing it

With back-to-school in mind, we decided to share this story about a school district that had a challenge. A 100 year old school had a leaking roof and to replace it would have meant a lot of money and voting for a bond. As you can imagine, the voters would not have been happy about the expense. The facilities manager contacted ENECON and showed us how the water had been coming through the ... Read More...

A “Repair Don’t Replace” Story: Transit line fixes roof water penetration problem with Eneseal coating instead of replacing the roof of the train.

A metropolitan transit line that carries thousands of riders each day was having a big problem with water penetrating into the passenger area of their cars. It would cost about $40,000.00 to replace the roofs and would also take about a month each. A new car was not an option because that was about 2-3 million dollars.

The Director of Technical Services asked us if we could help. ... Read More...

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