Resurfacing, coating and protecting.
Superior strength, durability and adhesion with flexibility, abrasion resistance, and elongation.

FLEXICLAD DuraTough DL is a two component, 100% solids, fluid consistency elasto-ceramic polymer composite specifically formulated to surface and protect equipment subject to cavitation accelerated erosion/corrosion.

DuraTough combines the superior strength, durability and adhesion of an epoxy with the exceptional flexibility, abrasion resistance and shock absorbency of an elastomeric urethane.

Flexiclad DuraTough DL is ideal for coating, resurfacing & protecting equipment prone to cavitation attack as well as creating and repairing flexible seals, gaskets, seats, etc., on machinery and equipment such as heat exchangers, pumps, valves & piping systems.

  • Cavitation Resistant
  • Requires No Heat
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • 100% Solids
  • Exceptional Flexibility
ABS Type Approved Product
Korean Register Approved Product

Technical Data

Volume capacity per 1/2 kg.
27 in3 / 442 cc
Mixed density
0.041 lbs per in3 / 1.13 gm per cc
Coverage rate per 1/2 kg. @ 30-35 mils
5-6 ft2 / 0.5 m2
Shelf life
Two years
Volume Solids
Mixing ratio Base Activator
By Volume 5.7 1
By Weight 6.5 1




Note: Other colors are available on a “special order” basis. However, there are minimum / multiple quantity requirements for such orders and there may be an increase in cost. Additionally, due to formulation restrictions, not all colors are possible for all materials. Speak to your local ENECON Sales Representative for more information.

Due to monitor / printer differences, actual colors may vary slightly from the representations appearing in this chart.

Working Life and Cure Times

Ambient Temperature Working Life Initial Set Maximum Overcoating Full Cure
41°F 5°C 50 min. 4 hrs. 12 hrs. 5 days
59°F 15°C 45 min. 2 hrs. 8 hrs. 4 days
77°F 25°C 30 min. 1 hrs. 6 hrs. 3 days
86°F 30°C 15 min. 45 min. 4 hrs. 36 hrs.

Physical Properties

Typical Values Test Method
Hardness - Shore D 55 ASTM D-2240
Tensile Shear Adhesion
Steel 1200 psi 84 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Aluminum 1050 psi 74 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Copper 1200 psi 84 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Stainless Steel 1100 psi 77 kg/cm2 ASTM D-1002
Peel Adhesion greater than 30 pli ASTM D-1876
Comparative Cavitation Resistance
-Frequently: 20 KHZ; amplitude: 0.001 inches
316 Stainless steel 60 microns CMDL*
DuraTough™ DP 50 microns CMDL*
Carbon Steel 240 microns CMDL*
*Cumulative Mean Depth of Loss

Chemical Resistance

Acetic acid (10%) NR Methanol NR
Ammonium hydroxide (10%) G Mineral Oil G
Ammonium hydroxide (30%) NR Oxalic acid G
Butyl cellosolve NR Phosphoric acid (10%) G
Ethanol NR Phosphoric acid (50%) NR
Ethanol glycol G Sodium hydroxide (10%) EX
Hexane G Sodium hydroxide (50%) EX
Hydrochloric acid (10%) G Sulfuric acid (10%) G
Isoprophyl alcohol G Toluene NR
MEK NR Trichloroethylene NR

EX - Suitable for most applications including immersion
G - Suitable for intermittent contact, splashes, etc.
NR - Not Recommended

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